Amongst properties in the Ayurooms portfolio, Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre (IVAC) is the most difficult to reach, but the journey is well worth the wait. IVAC’s treatments involve a minimum of two therapists and some involve as many as four or five therapists. Therefore, the treatments are intensive, deeply satisfying and medically effective. Moreover, IVAC is small, private and intimate. The doctors spend a great deal of time with each guest and their diagnosis tends to be “spot on”, with the results of treatment lasting long after the patient leaves IVAC. If you value the quality and effectiveness of treatment above all else, then this resort is for you. One consideration, however, is that the group yoga sessions can be basic; however, private yoga is available for only $6 per session.

  • Nearest airport: Bangalore (BLR)
  • Distance from airport: 4 hours by car
  • Minimum price: USD $145 per person per day (all inclusive)
  • Maximum price: USD $355 per person per day (all inclusive)
  • Best time of year: November to February
  • Cheapest time of year: April to July
  • Alcohol available: No
  • Smoking rooms: No
  • Non-veg food available: Yes

Indus Valley is for those who value the quality of treatments above all else.


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